Ink up!- Print work by Natasha Coles

Ask me anything   I'm am a First class BaHons graduate in visual communication of Birmingham City University. My work is created through print and heavily inspired from my past depression issues.

Coffee, sewing and kitten cuddles. Purrrrfect day.

Coffee, sewing and kitten cuddles. Purrrrfect day.

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She always does this!

She always does this!

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Playing around with my fish sketch by overlapping water colour bleeds on photoshop.

Been asked to pass on some of my work to be sold on a stand… Don’t know why but I really don’t like the idea of selling my work. I guess I’m just scared.

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quick pen sketch of a grumpy fighting fish

quick pen sketch of a grumpy fighting fish

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We are competing in the Spartan Race Cambridge, in the event we are running in is 5+km obstacle course. we are hoping to complete the event in around an hour to an hour and 20 minutes. We are doing this in hope to raise money for Rabbit Residence Rescue. Any money raised will make a huge difference to this charity so please support us and the Buns with a few simple clicks. Thank you! And please Share too!

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Degree Spam

Okay so over the next few days I’ll be putting up photos of my Degree work. The photos aren’t great due to being damaged by the university and as some are also in storage. I’m posting up phone camera photos however as I feel the need to get them out into the world and start creating again. I will be updating them all as soon as possible however.

The project was about my journey from being self hating and depressed to the place I’m at now, So all the work is incredibly personal and every single decision I made had purpose and meaning to it.

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Body Issues

These prints of my body represent how I used to feel about my body and how I now feel post depression.

(note: As mentioned previously, photos will be updated)

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White Noise

Growing up was rough for me, every single word embroidered on here I got called during childhood and during my teen years. This lead me to be depressed and vulnerable which is what I wanted to get across with this piece. Up until I finished placing on the last word they be on repeat in my head, always in the background. Since finishing not one has come back.

Creation process

 I covered my self in safe wash relief ink and pressed my self against the beautiful Fabriano sheet. I then embroidered each word onto a clear fabric specially for embroidery and then cut out each word and used spray mount to keep it in place. A thick layer of resin was placed over the body print itself to highlight the vulnerability of each mark and to finish it off I used a gloss sealant to tie in the embroidery and keep it steady.

(note: pictures will be updated to higher quality once recreated due to damage cause whilst going through the marking process.)

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Not done an awful lot since I finished uni cough-with my First Degree- cough. But starting to get my shit sorted. Hopefully when I get my compensation for the uni damaging my work I can afford to do more!

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Self portrait.Dry point, monoprint and digital.

Self portrait.
Dry point, monoprint and digital.

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Mono prints today.
Trying to work into them with some colour. Might try Photoshop I think

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My first ever attempt at modeling with clay! Going to make a much larger version of this.
Brain activity represented by blooming flowers to show how beautiful life is once out of depression.

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My fabulous bread and butter paper has arrived.

My fabulous bread and butter paper has arrived.

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